Handlers of any age
"Rocky Mountain Canine Camp"
 "Canine Camp"
Board and Train Program
USDA State Licensed Facility

"Our Training Philosophy"  

This is a residency program in which your pet will reside with us at our  kennel for a period of  30 days. This is a perfect option for those traveling and already planning a boarding stay for their dog. Minimum age required is 14 weeks.

During their stay, they will learn all of the basic on-lead obedience commands with hand signals, be reliable under distractions, and successful 
for extended periods of time. 
We will also address problem behaviors during their stay.

Upon completion of the residency stay we provide a private lesson to transfer the skills to you and a follow up lesson to check on your progress.
Proof of current vaccinations and bordetella required for residency stay.

Reservations Required 303-816-1032
$1695.00 includes complete obedience training, play times, boarding,
 and private transfer lesson!
" Behavior Modification Consulting"
$110.00 In-Home, $80.00 our facility, per hour session 

This program is done on an "as needed" basis and focus's on helping resolve issues such as: 

* Digging                                     * Chewing
* Door charging                         *  Seperation anxiety
* Jumping on guests                 *  Dog/Human  Aggression      
* Bolting                                      * Excessive barking
* Coming when called               * Housebreaking
* Fear Aggression                      * Mouthing
"Personal and Home Protection Training"
Pricing will vary depending upon desired goals
This course is done as a combination of residency, facility and home training. Complete obedience control is a prerequisite. 
We teach the dogs to have a heightened sense of awareness and raise the confidence level.
You may opt to train for an alert bark to a full bite.
Dogs must pass a temperament evaluation.

We prefer to do this program in conjunction with our Canine Camp. Your dog is conditioned to the proper and humane use and understanding of the remote collar and learns to be reliable and consistent when off leash.
This can also be an upgrade for a dog who has previously completed our residency program.

Pricing includes Remote Controlled Dog-Tra E-Collar
$500.00 add on to basic Board and Train Package
Tim Cruser and Jack
"Our training incorporates the understanding of the dog as a pack animal 
and his desire for structure and leadership."
Call for consultation and scheduling

Mountain Training Center
Dog and Dozer
Doug and Dozer
"Schutzhund Sport Foundation Training"
Schutzhund is German for "protection" dog and is a three phase sport which includes: Tracking, Obedience and Protection.
There are three levels of difficulty and is competitive at the master level three.
Our classes help to prepare you for introduction into the club environment. Focus is on drive building and education in the sport including available area clubs, trial etiquette, training techniques, rules and procedures.
You will learn foundation skills in all phases and then will be recommended into a local club for membership and for further group training,
 development and participation..
$ 80.00 each private lesson
Denver Metro area pick up and delivery available to the Mountain Camp Location, nominal fee applies
Our indoor climate controlled barn kennels
Our Barn Kennel, Outbuilding Kennels and Play yards
Our large fenced in play yard  enclosures.
Why? So your dog knows what type of behavior you expect from him. To teach him/her communication for 
safety and peace of mind.
Why? So your dog is under control in public and able to behave when around other dogs.
Why? So your dog can relax with your clear leadership and be able to be more involved with your life outside of the home.

Puppies over 12 weeks of age are welcome to participate in our comprehensive Canine Camp.
Why is training so important?
Off Lead Control on the Remote E-Collar
Boarding with Maintenance Training
Since we are NOT a boarding kennel we can only board your dog when we have open kennel availability and your dog has already been trained by us. We offer maintenance training during thier stay as well.
Boarding is $31.00 daily / Maintenance Training is an additional $20.00 per day Appointments needed for drop off and pick up  / VERY CLOSED SUNDAYS
All Training Programs are very comprehensive and carry a limited guarantee. This does not apply to dogs with an aggressive history.
 Please contact us for details.
"Multiple Dog Families"
We offer a discount for families with more than one dog that check into our training program.

 They are not required to attend during the same time frame to recieve this discount.

We can though accept them together and will work them in tandem.

10% off consectutive dog(s) from the same home
Recommended Trainer in the Denver/Parker and surrounding Areas

The Canine College; Master Trainer Dave Coop
Offering Individual Classes / Board & Train / Protection Training

Jayne M. Holmes / Owner/Operater RMGSD
Training Director / Master Trainer / Canine Behaviorist 

Meet Our Professional Team!
Good Fetch!
Protection Training Services are provided by 
 Mountain Canine, and 
The Canine College.
Contact information is 
listed above.
AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification
We are certified evaluators for the AKC CGC and you and your dog may set an appointment with us to take the test.

All dogs that complete our Board and Train program are able to achieve this goal.

If you need private lessons please contact one of our recommended trainers below.

$30.00 per dog / includes embroidered badge
 30 Day Board and Train is 1695.00  / Maintenance Training Sessions $20.00 daily / Boarding fee 31.00 daily includes playtimes .
Professional Canine Trainer
Steve Atkinson
Steve is our "main man" here at the kennel with the Board and Train dogs.

He is very outgoing and easy to communicate with. He has a great love for the animals and is very patient.

Steve has trained many, many a dog with patience and consistancy until they demonstrate a clear understanding of 
what is expected.